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Mint Oil

Peppermint is a therapeutic plant that has existed for centuries, its relaxing scent plays a crucial role in calming nerves. The people of the Egyptian and Greco-Roman Antiquity were already aware of the virtues of this “mint with a strong spicy flavor”.  It contains   vitamins A and C;
magnesium, potassium, silicon, iron, sulfur, copper and iodine;
DKM has launched this oil made from mint to relieve and soothe muscle pain, and even goes as far as regulating acne production, you can also use this product for various massages take care for sensitive skin because thanks to the menthol it produces you can feel a heat on your skin.

                    Tip: To reduce the appearance of dandruff in your hair, make an oil bath with mint oil and massage the scalp with circular movements of your hands and let the product penetrate for 30 minutes then rake if necessary.

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