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Cucumber Oil

The skin may have a natural tendency to lose its water, but dehydration can be accelerated or amplified by some external factors which is why DKM has designed natural cucumber oil made from jojoba oil and cucumber without added product.

This oil allows hydration and healing of the skin because of its 96% water content,
natural cucumber oil is considered a softener, and is traditionally used (as a plaster or lotion) to fight redness, darter, freckles, itching and even wrinkles! It is also perfect for restoring radiance to dry skin and firming it, purifying the complexion and tightening the pores.

Cucumber oil moisturizes dry and very damaged skin by giving it a shine, rich in vitamins B, C and E.


Tip: apply to wet skin and massage deep stretch marks and varicose veins

secret: reduces stretch marks and reduces varicose veins

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