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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am Desire from Maryland, I have itching every evening after my bath before going to bed, and I feel tightness in the skin, it's very annoying ?
    You can use Cucumber oil as it contains essential fatty acids, plays a moisturizing role on dry skin and helps keep the skin soft. Eliminates itchy skin after bathing and stretch marks.
  • I have spots on my stomach and it's very annoying due to the birth of my 2nd child, I tried pharmaceutical products but nothing to do, my partner asks me to do something because I can no longer carry my beach bikini?
    We understand how difficult it is, but DKM has made cucumber oil available to reduce these stretch mark spots thanks to these very effective virtues due to its natural and organic nature, it elasticizes the skin and allows it to regenerate. simply apply it morning and evening to damaged skin..
  • I have a scalp mycosis commonly called fungus, what product could you recommend?
    I suggest using natural clove oil with rosemary. This oil stimulates hair growth and treats scalp problems, apply it to the scalp and massage with your fingertips in a circular motion not only will it feel good but your hair will be more relaxed. Often, when your hair is very dry, plaques can form and can even cause itching. Clove, descales plaques, moisturizes and unclogs pores.
  • How is DKM carrot oil different from all other oils on the market and what other components do you have?
    Each artisan is different in the quality and specificity of his product. Dkm carrot oil is handcrafted with organic ingredients and above all without chemicals and even less without additives. It protects the skin, nourishes it deeply and activates cell regeneration. with these virtues in vitamins and beta carotene, it protects against ultraviolet rays.
  • My husband is a sportsman, he plays football every Sunday with his friends, but he always feels pain in his legs in the evening. Looking at your store I noticed that mint oil has active ingredients that would relieve my husband. Could you position me if he braids you?
    Yes indeed, mint oil is very good for massages. We have several clients who use it. It is very relaxing in the evening when you put it on painful areas.
  • My name is Helena, during one summer, I contracted eczema under my left breast and it very quickly spread to the second breast, I tried all the ointments, nothing helped, what product Can you advise me ?
    Kumin cream is an effective cream against skin problems including eczema, sporiasis, itching, you can apply this cream morning and evening. You will see an improvement after 7 days.
  • I'm #Anna# from Grenoble in France, I'm looking for an oil that I could apply to my face after removing makeup, but a natural oil please, I haven't had time to browse your catalog, if you have any advice that would help me
    Oh yes Anna Thank you for your question😊, our teams are there to give you our support, you have our cold-extracted dried rose oil, very softening to stretch the skin of the face after all attacks, its woody smell is very refreshing. Apply there at any time according to your desire.
  • my 6 year old son has black knees and he has atypical skin, his entire toiletry range does not have paraben and perfume and they are quite expensive so I would really like to try your carrot oil, is it a good oil for children?
    You have indeed made the right choice for your son, opt for carrot oil because it protects young skin and preserves the suppleness and softness of our children's skin, and our carrot oil is guaranteed 100% natural.
  • Hi, I am Epiphanie from Rouen in France, and I received the link to your store from a friend, while visiting your store, I noticed that you had products for hair treatment, personally I have hair afro and they suffer real aggression because of the cold. How could you use your clove oil?
    Hello Epiphanie and thank you for discovering our products. You have made the right choice, clove oil is a set of treatments dedicated to repairing brittle hair, its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties help destroy all fungi on the head and restore its health. shine to your hair and better hair growth. You can apply this oil to the scalp by massaging once a day.😜
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